Unser Vegan Beauty Basket aus Juli

Wir haben für Dich folgende vegane und tierversuchsfreie Kosmetikprodukte ausgesucht:

  • Hurraw! Lippenbalsam - der wunderbare Lippenbalsam aus USA.

  • Little Ondine Nagellack - der revolutionäre, wasserbassierende Nagellack. Mit diesem Lack brauchst Du keinen Nagellackentferner

  • GO&HOME – HAIR & BODY WASH Green Citrus


  • Skin Blossom – Reviving Eye Cream / Antioxidant, Green Tea

Alle unseren Abonnenten können sich eine von 35 Little Ondine Nagellack-Farben aussuchen sowie das Hurraw! Lippenbalsam-Aroma selbst bestimmen.

Unser Vegan Beauty Basket aus Juli

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It was worth the waiting! A great experience. Kundenmeinung von Azzurra
They say that one never forgets the first one, and it is true for sure for my first Vegan Beauty Basket.
I was waiting for it while being curious and full of anticipation at once and it has been absolutely worth the waiting.

The packaging was nice, the product descriptions useful and the products themselves special and chosen with care.

Even while spending time in bio-stores, I've never noticed the products of the label "Go&Home" before and they have been an interesting surprise, above all the Hair & Body Wash Green Citrus, so agreeably scented and energizing. It has been a pleasure to start my day while using it.

Now I always carry the Hurraw cocoa butter with me. I opted for the "Coconut Lip Balm" one and it was the right choice, since it is moisturizing and yet gentle and not oily on the lips. And it smells like a wonderful day at the beach…

However, the highlight of the Vegan Beauty Basket of July has been with certainty the Little Ondine nail polish, for me.
I chose the nuance "Red Red Wine", classy and sexy at the same time, and I was absolutely satisfied. The colour is shiny and bright, easy to apply and even easier to remove, without nail remover and without stress.

The Vegan Beauty Basket has been a great occasion to discover such a marvelous product, even more since it looks like one has otherwise to order it directly from the UK manufacturer and to worry about prices in sterling and international shipping.
(Veröffentlicht am 03.11.2015)
Gut Kundenmeinung von Vanessa
Sehr positiver Eindruck (Veröffentlicht am 22.07.2015)

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